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White Rolls Royce Dawn from Kudos Cars

White Rolls Royce Phantom VIII - car hire from Kudos Cars

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White Rolls Royce Dawn
The beautifully elegant white Rolls Royce Dawn will give you a modern twist to your wedding car hire. The gloss white body of the car is strikingly contrasted by the red roof, which comes down within 20 seconds at the touch of a button. The V12 twin turbo engine provides the power, whereas you, the passenger, will experience a beautifully smooth ride as if you are driving on air; this is down to the ingenious engineering which ensures that the passengers don’t feel the bumps of the road.

When booking the white Dawn as your wedding car, you will first be greeted by one of our suited and booted chauffeurs who will escort you to the car, open the door for you and ensure that you are comfortable seated. You will immediately feel as though you have entered your own personal luxury world, the interior consists of the finest grade leather seats, hand crafted wooden veneer, hi-tech speaker system, climate control and personally adjustable seating. Our driver will offer you a glass of champagne and if you require we can adorn your Rolls-Royce hire with a wedding ribbon. From start to finish you will receive a professional service with a smile.

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