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White Bentley Mulsanne from Kudos Cars

White Rolls Royce Phantom VIII - car hire from Kudos Cars

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  • The newest addition to the Kudos Family, the White Bentley Mulsanne is a stunning vehicle ideal for those who like to make an impression. Hiring our White Mulsanne couldn’t be easier and it’s a piece of luxury that befits the Bentley prestige. Like its sister, the Bentley Arnage, the Mulsanne glides along with power and grace. However, this car is an update on the traditional Bentley stylings and the modern touch gives it a class that is hard to beat. With its 6.75L Twin Turbo engine, the Bentley Mulsanne is a powerful car that drives smoothly and ensures a peaceful, steady journey. The exterior is finished with a beautiful white gloss, and the glinting fa�ade will have heads turning and admiring the beautiful car you’re being chauffeured in. The interior is just as impressive, with in-car entertainment, including LCD screens, Naim audio system and an iPod dock, so you can relax with the right music to get you in the mood for your journey. There are also hand-stitched leather heated seats, a rich and elegant finish and no end of style. The spacious rear seats of the Bentley Mulsanne make it perfect for brides and their dresses, or for those who like to stretch out and relax.
  • Whether you’re looking to hire this stunning car for a prom, wedding, anniversary or other important event, it’s guaranteed to make you feel important as you revel in the luxury of the car and the chauffeur experience. The White Bentley Mulsanne, like our other cars, comes with a professional chauffeur which is just as high quality as the car itself. We have a number of multi-lingual chauffeurs so let us know what you need to help us give you the best experience possible. To hire the White Bentley Mulsanne, give us a call today. We also have this elegant car in Black and Silver finishes.

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