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Kudos Cars > All Vehicles > Silver Rolls Royce Phantom

Silver Rolls Royce Phantom from Kudos Cars

White Rolls Royce Phantom VIII - car hire from Kudos Cars

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a debonair vehicle that adds that extra touch of panache to any occasion

  • The Rolls Royce Phantom has a distinguished sense of allure and charm that makes it the most luxurious modern day motorcar. As well as exhibiting a sleek and striking exterior, you can indulge yourself in all of the impressive functionalities that the white Rolls Royce phantom has to offer, such as opulent leather interior, rear vanity mirrors, drinks cabinet, climate control, luxury Rolls Royce umbrellas to name but a few. Kudos Cars has an eminent selection of Rolls Royce Phantoms. You can choose from silver, blue, black, red and more.
  • When booking your White Rolls Royce phantom you will receive superb service from some of the finest chauffeurs in the UK who will be available to make your day run as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Many of our chauffeurs are multi lingual and various stem from various backgrounds, so understanding languages and traditions that may tie in to your special day are not a problem. For a no-obligation quote please call us now.

The Rolls Royce Phantom has unrivalled presence that leaves those around it in awe; when a Rolls Royce Phantom drives by the world stands still.


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