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Red London Wedding Bus from Kudos Cars

White Rolls Royce Phantom VIII - car hire from Kudos Cars

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Old Red London Bus
If you want to do something a little different and give your guests a memory that will last them a life time, then why not book an old red London bus as your wedding transport?

Our red London bus has all the old school features and can seat up to 72 guests. We can also add a personalised sign to the front of your classic hire so that every one knows it’s your big day! We will provide a suited and booted driver who will deliver a professional service with a smile and collect you and your guests and transport you to your chosen venue.
Please contact us for further information on how to book.

Come with 72 Seats to transport all your extra guests to the wedding venue.



Call us today on 01895 207991 for a quote.


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