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Congratulations to DJ H! The whole Kudos team where on full swing last weekend celebrating their multi award winning DJ H and Monica’s wedding day! This was a wedding to remember for a lifetime and what a set-up it was! After all, it was Kudos’ best DJs wedding! Not only is DJ H the most elite DJ in Kudos but he is also the Director/founder of Kudos so there’s no doubt that being an event designer, into stage production, lighting, sound, video along with DJ Entertainment his wedding day was definitely going to be one of the most exclusive affairs ever! The best cars, the best, lighting, the best DJ set up and the best decor was seen at this wedding as well as some very exclusive guests. I’m sure all his fans would like to know about DJ H and Monica’s big day? Well let me enlighten you…

As you all know, Kudos cars provide only the best in elite, classic vehicles for special occasions, and as you all know this one was particularly special. Some of the greatest and most popular number plates that are used are:

ASK 805S
And last but not least R12LLS

There was a long list of Modern Classic Cars at DJ H and Monica’s wedding some of them being the following:

1 Bentley Mulsanne
5 Rolls Royce Phantoms
3 Rolls Royce Ghosts
2 Range Rover Sports
1 Audi R8

Sounds like all the cars came out to play that day!

The chosen car for DJ H was a Rolls Royce Phantom MY W15H, in which DJ H was picked up from his residence in Iver and driven to his local Slough Gurdwara (Sikh Temple) for a blessing before driving to a Gurdwara in Leicester where he was greeted by a 12 piece band orchestra called Band Baja UK who welcomed him with a grand entrance. Where DJ H traveled in his amazing Phantom, Monica also had one of Kudos Car’s finest White Rolls Royce Ghost, D3, which took Monica to the Gurdwara in Leicester for her Sikh wedding ceremony
Of course, all these cars came with the best Chauffeurs (as usual) to provide the best, stress free elite experience for the Bride and Groom and their family and friends.

After joining in Holy Matrimony with Monica, the Bride and Groom was whisked away to their Grand Wedding Reception at the Hilton Metropole at the NEC Birmingham in MY W15H. They were greeted with the most elaborate decor, lighting and theme set up by DJ H’s Kudos Music family which made this occasion even more special for the happy couple.

The Doli (Indian traditional way of sending of one’s daughter to her new home) took place at the Hilton Metropole after the wedding reception. Thereafter DJ H and his Bride, Monica was taken back to DJ H’s home in Iver, in the Grooms Phantom, MY W15H.

There’s one thing talking about this and another actually being able to see the amazing event in pictures and videos, would you like to see more of DJ H and Monica’s wedding? All the exclusive wedding news can be viewed on twitter and Instagram by typing #hardeepmonica
Congratulations to DJ H, the face of Kudos Entertainment and his beautiful bride Monica, may God bless you with a happily married life.