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That was a Blooming Good Wedding

That was a Blooming Good Wedding

Anyone can have Rolls Royce weddings on Volkswagen budgets if they know how to find the right people to get their accessories from. The flowers are an intrinsic part of a wedding and choosing the right flowers is an important part of the build-up to the big day. Finding the right flower vendor who can make your bouquet, corsage and boutonnieres will take the pressure off having to think about it, knowing it’s in the hands of someone who understands your needs.

Choosing Colours

So, the first thing to think about is the time of year you will be getting married. Not every flower will be available to you because they are seasonal. If you want a summer wedding you need to think about which flowers are Spring and Summer bloomers, and if you want an Autumn wedding, think about flowers that bloom in late Summer or Autumn. The same applies to Winter and Spring. Your flower expert will be able to guide you as to the best types of flower that will last at least a few days past the wedding so that if you want to donate them they will have a longer shelf life. The flower vendor will advise you of the best type of flowers for your centrepieces for the tables. Also, you will get advice about the boutonnieres and which flowers will stay healthy the longest and of course, the bridal corsage.

Spring is a time when the earth wakes up after the long sleep, flowers bloom, cherry blossom explodes on the trees and daffodils pop up everywhere. For Spring you might be advised to choose roses or amaranthus for your centerpiece at the tables. Tulips are also a huge favourite and there are over five hundred varieties to choose from and almost as many colors. If you have a colour preference that you have talked about with your flower vendor you will have already agreed whether those colours are available and if not, they will have advised you of which ones are. A slightly unusual but quirky choice would be hyacinths which have the most beautiful violet blue colouring and are tightly bunched in their own blooms. They can be tied into small bouquets with thick green leaves, curled over and bunched. Miniature daffodils are also perfect as boutonnieres and three tiny little yellow blooms against the backdrop of a dark coloured morning suit would look stunning.

Whatever time of year you are intending to choose as your wedding month, it is important that you find the perfect flowers to suit you. You will find that the spectrum of colours available in nature are the most stunning of choices and once you have the perfect flower arrangements your wedding will be plain sailing and bloomin’ lovely.