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Halloween Wedding Idea

Ok, so it’s not quite Halloween yet, but this story has to be shared. Last year a wedding was planned by this couple who wanted something a little different. They both had this fascination for Halloween and decided that, rather than have a summer wedding with the white dress and pretty trimmings, they would go Goth and do something different. It was not a typical Goth style wedding, but more about the way they performed it. The registry office wedding was a typical affair with the stiff upper lip registrar, dressed in a very businesslike suit and a pleasant smile, probably thinking they had seen it all.

That is, until the bride and groom showed up. His idea of an entrance was to turn up in a black hearse, carefully designed to look like more like a wedding car than a coffin carrier. It was decorated in pumpkins and flowers, using specifically dark colors, like midnight blue, dark purple and blood red. It didn’t even look spooky, really, but more like a mock-up of a Halloween car, yet surprisingly un-chintzy. His vehicle stopped outside the registry office and he climbed out, dressed as a zombie, but wearing a top hat. His face make-up was cleverly and professionally done and one passer-by stared long enough to wonder if the apocalypse had started without her realizing it. He just smiled at her and she ended up grinning back, watching him walk up the registry office steps. After all, it was coming up for Halloween, so it wasn’t exactly a strange sight for that time of year.

Then, the bride showed up in a Rolls Royce Phantom rental car, complete with scary chauffeur. How they got the chauffeur to play ball is anyone’s guess, but it went down a treat with the small crowd of onlookers. The bride climbed gracefully out of the car, her dress flowing full from the waist down, long train dragging behind her. She turned a little and at first glance one might have thought it was something out of a horror movie. Her dress as disheveled and torn and there were rips in the arms, the veil was threadbare and the flowers she carried looked as though they had been stolen off an old gravestone. Funny enough, she did look very pretty and her complexion glowed under the October sun.

The groom had already gone inside and so the bride padded up the stairs, father at her side. He was dressed in a second hand morning suit that had been theatrically ruined to look like the ungrateful dead. Then, inside, looking around the crowd, the strangest sight appeared. The whole congregation were dressed as zombies, mummies and corpses, faces glowing with theater paint. The registrar looked bemused as she stood there, about to make her introduction. It was certainly a wedding idea to remember.

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