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Gold Rolls Royce Ghost and Gunmetal Flying Spur (new shape) Now Available to Kudos Cars

A provider of luxury car hire for a range of occasions, Kudos cars offers a variety of stunning, classy vehicles to suit all needs and preferences. From sleek Bentleys and sporty Ferraris through to the range of stunning Rolls Royce vehicles, you will find the perfect vehicle for your needs when you book through this provider.

If you’re booking a vehicle for a special occasion such as a wedding, special evening out, or even a corporate event, you naturally want to find the perfect car for your needs. This means finding a car that is not only sleek and stunning in terms or appearance but also one that offers luxury, a range of features, and complete comfort for you and those travelling with you.

You will find many different vehicles to choose from at Kudos Cars, so finding the perfect vehicle for the occasion won’t be a problem. Whether you want something that is sporty and makes a real statement, something that is chic and elegant, or something that is bold and turns heads, you will be able to enjoy plenty of choice.

In fact, the choice of vehicles available from Kudos Cars is actually expanding and you can now enjoy an event wider variety of stunning cars to cater for your needs. One of the new additions to the fleet is the truly stunning, unique Gold Rolls Royce Ghost, which is the perfect vehicle for a really special occasion such as a wedding. This is a vehicle that really stands out from the crowd and will provide you with not only the incredible aesthetic appeal but also the interior comfort that you want from a luxury vehicle.

Another new vehicle that has joined the Kudos fleet is the beautiful Bentley Gunmetal Flying Spur, which is the latest model in the new shape. Sharper, faster, and more aesthetically appealing than the original, this vehicle combines cutting edge design with interior luxury and exterior beauty, creating a vehicle that anyone would be proud to ride in.

Both of these new vehicles join the range of other luxury vehicles in the Kudos fleet, and both are perfect for a range of different occasions. Whether you want a beautiful luxury vehicle for your wedding, an anniversary, a romantic evening, a corporate event, or any other special occasion, these two new additions will prove to be the perfect choice.