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Even Peter Crouch chose the Bentley Mulsanne for his wedding

When it comes to making wedding arrangements every couple wants to ensure that the day goes perfectly, which means ensuring that everything from the ceremony and reception to the flowers and the wedding car are perfect for the big day. Even the celebrities who tie the knot want to make the day extra special and one of the ways in which football legend Peter Crouch did this when he married the beautiful Abbey Clancy was to arrange a stunning Bentley Mulsanne for their big day.

It is little wonder that Crouch decided on the Mulsanne as the wedding car for his marriage to Abbey, as this is a truly stunning vehicle and one that not only looks super stylish but also offers luxury and comfort. This makes it perfect for a special day such as a wedding, which is something that Peter clearly realised hence his decision to choose this vehicle over and above all of the other options he could have gone for.

Why did Crouch choose the Bentley Mulsanne?

Given the amount that Peter Crouch has earned as a football star he could have gone for pretty much any vehicle he wanted for his big day. So, just why did he opt for the Bentley Mulsanne? Well, here are just a few of the key reasons he may have chosen this vehicle:

Stunning design: As you would expect from a Bentley, the Mulsanne is designed exquisitely and is therefore the perfect choice for a wedding. This vehicle looks sleek and stylish, which means that it is certain to get heads turning.

Luxurious interior: The interior of the Mulsanne offers the ultimate in comfort. You can relax and unwind in the plush leather seating, taking in the stunning wood and chrome finishes, and little touches like a privacy curtain and adjustable heated seats ensure that anyone travelling in it gets to enjoy true comfort and relaxation.

Excellent performance: When you travel in a Bentley Mulsanne you will be able to look forward to a high performance vehicle with the combination of a powerful engine coupled with the ability to practically glide along the roads to ensure a smooth and relaxing journey for the happy couple.

With its truly stunning appearance coupled with its incredibly opulent interior, it becomes pretty clear why the Bentley Mulsanne was the vehicle of choice for Peter and Abbey’s big day.