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Black Mercedes S Class AMG - VIP Edition from Kudos Cars

Black Mercedes S Class AMG - VIP Edition - car hire from Kudos Cars

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Black Mercedes S-Class
The black Mercedes S-Class by Mercedes Benz is as innovative as it gets where luxury vehicles are concerned. It boasts top of the line technology and sheer luxury that is seen in everything from the stereo system and in-car navigation system, to the suspension, and even the smell of the car. Yes, you read correctly! The S-class is so above others in its class, that it even features an interior fragrance emitter to make the interior smell amazing while you are traveling to your destination.
The S-Class full-size luxury sedan has scanning technology and capabilities to foresee road bumps or possible collisions, and it has plenty of power under the hood to impress even the most discriminate car enthusiasts. You can also lean back and enjoy the comfort of seat massages, and the smooth comfortable feel the ride will offer. If you want luxury at its best, then the black Mercedes S-Class surpasses all others in its category.
All Mercedes S-Class vehicles have excellent safety ratings, and they are roomy enough to give plenty of head and leg room. With the LED headlamps and running lights that this line of vehicles offers, it demonstrates sheer class and sophistication that is unmatched. Standard models seat 5, but if optional 2 person rear seating configuration is selected as an additional option, then seating capacity may be limited to 4 people.
The S-Class also has many optional features that may include leather interior trims, adaptive cruise control, surround-view parking cameras, night vision assist, a refrigerated box in the rear, and even rear-seat entertainment systems. If you want a special optional feature when you contact us for a car hire, be sure to tell the booking representative what your requirements are. They will be able to quickly search our fleet to make suggestions based on your preferences.

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