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Becoming a Wedding Planner

You can simply fall into a career by mistake sometimes, but other careers need a little background in order for you to become an expert. Most people might mistakenly think that becoming a wedding planner is very easy as long as you have good organizational skills. However, it’s a little more complex than that. Ok, so you don’t need a Bachelor’s degree or anything, but it does make sense to think about the business aspects of being a wedding planner.

If you work by yourself as a sole trader you will need some back-up, such as an accountant, a bookkeeper and possibly a lawyer. The bookkeeper will help you keep track of your business spending and your income so that when it comes to tax time you will have enough set by to pay what you owe. The accountant will keep track of your taxes and make sure you don’t fall behind and they will also help submit your assessment forms on time. A lawyer will simply be there for back-up legal advice if you need it. If you own a business where you actually employ those kinds of people in-house, they will do the same things, but you will be paying their wages instead of the fees an independent accountant, bookkeeper or lawyer would charge.
You also need to know a little about business management so that you don’t get caught up in traps. You need to know a little about staff motivations, training and delegating work to the right people. You also have to have to some kind of marketing experience or at least be able to employ a marketing manager to make sure your website is kept current as well as that having them market you and your business in the best ways possible. Having the right kind of exposure will help your business grow. If needed you could definitely benefit from taking a college course in business management and marketing to increase your own knowledge base.

Because you will be working alongside a huge cross-section of the general public it will also benefit you if you have a little knowledge of people psychology. One week you would be working with Sleeping Beauty, who is calm and trusting and another week you might be working with the ultimate Bridezilla and you need to know exactly how to deal with all types of personalities. You also need to deal with wedding vendors and companies who offer Bentley hire in London, flower vendors and food caterers, and you need to know how to be around those people too and not intimidate them. Knowing how to deal with people can be a huge asset, especially in the wedding industry, so have your skills ready and brush them up when needed.