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50th Wedding Anniversary Ideas

Fifty years of marriage is quite an achievement, considering many people do not make it that far these days. Not only is it achievement that you stay together, but you stay happy together and it is definitely a good reason to have a celebration. The chances are that if you married in your late teens or early twenties, you will be somewhere in your late sixties to mid-seventies at the time you celebrate your milestone anniversary. This means you will be able to think of plenty ideas that you and your spouse can do to celebrate.
It is well known that the fiftieth wedding anniversary is the golden wedding anniversary and of course, you could buy a beautiful piece of gold jewellery for your husband or wife. Gold represents solid lasting love and you can also throw a huge party for your family and friends to help you celebrate. You could use gold colored plates and knives and forks, gold accessories, such as candelabras and vases, gold flowers and gold decorations.